About Us

We are an International firm with many products and services including apps development, online stores, forex trading and innovation center. We are a group of highly innovative team which is constantly striving to bring in innovations in the scientific world.

We are proud to develop apps that have been downloaded more than a million times. Our featured apps include Fast Charger, Crazy Goat Simulator, Chocolate stack, Real World Simulator, Shake to Flash, Air Call and Heart Rate Monitor. 

Our online store is operating in Pakistan with shipments all accross the globe. We are pioneers of introducing 3D VR Glasses in Pakistan. We constantly monitor technological progress and we transform that technology into much affordable price so that people who cannot afford, may afford without sacrificing the quality of the products. Our store focuses on introducing products which have never been introduced in Pakistan. Through our online store we have an aim to bring high standard international products in affordable prices to developing nations like Pakistan.  

Our Innovation center is most imported domain of our company. This center generate innovative ideas through brainstorming. Selected ideas are then came into existence by our highly qualified team. All selected ideas are sponsored by Blue Brain Technologies.