2019 will be a critical year for Tesla

2019 a critical year for Tesla
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If 2018 was the wildest and craziest year in Tesla’s 15-year history, then 2019 is shaping up to be its most critical year. Check out why 2019 a critical year for Tesla

2019  a critical year for Tesla

CEO Elon Musk’s all-electric automaker will enter 2019 having produced and sold more vehicles than ever and the company could be well on its way to a half-million in cars delivered by the end of the year. That might sound awesome — but Tesla has traditionally struggled mightily with the building-cars aspect of the car business.

Musk will also be facing potential twin headwinds in 2019: an economic slowdown in the US; and the first stages of the 2020 national election. If the US auto market slips into a downturn, then Tesla won’t be spared some pain.

2019  a critical year for Tesla

There’s good news on the horizon, however, as Tesla prepares to unveil its Model Y crossover SUV, along with some other new vehicles, including a rumored pickup truck.

Here’s a month-by-month look forward to Tesla’s big events and news for 2019:

  • JANUARY: Tesla reports fourth-quarter and full-year vehicle delivery numbers.
  • FEBRUARY: Tesla reports fourth-quarter and full year earnings.

  • MARCH: Tesla could reveal the Model Y crossover SUV — and pay off convertible bonds.

2019  a critical year for Tesla

  • APRIL: We should have a good sense of what’s going on with Tesla new factory in Shanghai, China.

  • MAY: We should have a pretty good idea of whether Tesla has enough cash to finish out 2019 — or whether a capital raise is in order.

  • JUNE: Tesla will enter its first real summer selling season.

  • JULY: Will Tesla finally escape production hell?

  • AUGUST: Imagine the impossible — no news from Tesla!

2019  a critical year for Tesla

  • SEPTEMBER: We’ll get a chance to evaluate Tesla’s new board of directors.

  • OCTOBER: Tesla will report third-quarter 2019 earnings.

  • NOVEMBER: Tesla Fremont factory could be showing signs of extreme stress.

  • DECEMBER: Tesla could be building and selling over 500,000 vehicles.

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